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Support the Ukulele Kids Club through the purchase of this gorgeous Custom Steve Grimes “Brazilian Rosewood & Redwood” Tenor Ukulele generously donated by Michael Cone of Cone Guitars in Maui, HI.


Ukulele Kids Club

The Ukulele Kids Club (UKC) affiliate with music therapy programs around the world so they can identify children to receive the ukuleles and provide music therapy sessions to achieve a variety of health needs. This initiates the children on a path to wellness with music. As of 2022, the UKC has donated more than 13,781 ukuleles to children in hospitals around the world, including Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine and all over the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 2023, UKC would like to parter with you to reach more kids and help them use music to cope and heal.

To learn more about the Ukulele Kids Club or to donate please visit: https://theukc.org/


Michael Cone of Cone Guitars in Kihei, Hawaii.

Michael Cone is a career luthier of classical guitars and began building musical instruments in 1968. Initially inspired by the sound of Julian Bream playing a Bouchet, he finished his first classical guitar in 1969. Early influences included Pagés, Torres, Panormo, Fleta, and Hauser. Through the fortuitous circumstance of finding an 1803 Juan Pagés guitar at a garage sale in Maine, Michael was able to examine one of the earliest examples of five fan bracing as well as 18th century building techniques first hand.

In 1974, he moved from California to New England, and concentrated on building classical guitars. New England was a center of musical instrument building, and he met and interacted with all the luthiers and musicians possible, including violin maker Marten Cornelissen and classical guitarist Phillip de Fremery. Cornelissen, a master violin maker, was a primary influence of Michael’s work as Cornelissen was able to measure and evaluate Stradivari and Guarnari instruments on collection at the Smithsonian and was generous and forthcoming with his knowledge. As Michael applied Cornelissen’s experience and method with violins to the classical guitar, a quality of tone emerged that can best be described as singing, rich, warm, clear and brilliant, with excellent projection, separation, and sustain.

Michael was introduced to José Rey de la Torre in the mid 1970’s by Walter Spaulding. When he delivered his first guitar, José Rey de la Torre compared the sound of it to his Hauser I. Over the years, Michael has continued to rely on the experience and guidance of master musicians like José Rey de la Torre, Phillip de Fremery, and George Sakellariou, in developing an instrument played and appreciated by musicians for over 40 years.

In 1979 Michael moved back to California, and between 1987 and 1998 he suspended guitar production while pursuing interests in the area of robotics and computer software. In 1998, Michael resumed limited production of classical guitars, and in 1999 moved to Maui where he continues to build the finest guitars available.

The origins of this Ukulele Kids Club donation is the result of two of kind and generous luthiers and a creative way to support one another’s craft while sharing the love of the islands with children around the world.

“The uke had an unusual inspiration. Steve approached me to build a custom double top soundboard for a commission he had. I suggested a trade and he agreed. I supplied the rosewood and a soundboard and he supplied the uke. I turned 77 on my last birthday so I’m starting to rehome my instruments while I can and the UKC was an inspired choice.” – Michael Cone

To learn more about Michael Cone and his wonderful instruments see: https://www.coneguitar.com/guitar.html


New. A work of art! Custom Steve Grimes Tenor Ukulele built on the island of Maui, HI. If you were looking for the best of the best in high-end ukes, look no further! The time invested on each piece is a testimony to over 50 years of guitar and ukulele luthiery and can be seen in the quality of instruments he handcrafts and the world-class tones they produce. Absolutely incredible in all aspects of construction and sound.

Steve is at the forefront of discussion in terms of contemporary luthiery theory and technique while remaining firmly rooted in his understanding of classical construction. The application of these two knowledge bases equates to an instrument with both sound structural integrity and exceptionally refined tonal qualities. His wealth of knowledge in working with various tone woods and materials coupled with his understanding of finish work has led to an extensive contribution to the guitar and ukulele communities on the local, national, and global platforms.

Steve Grimes Bio Information

The Focus of Steve Grimes’ instruments building career has been the arch top guitar for over thirty five years. He produces six arch top models, two double-soundhole flat top guitars (steel string and nylon string), two singles soundhole model flat tops, two models of arch top mandolins, and several sizes and styles of ukuleles. Grimes began building instruments in Seattle in 1972, and moved the business to Hawaii in 1982. He met Keola Beamer, a master “slack key” guitarist, and collaborated with him on the double hole flat top guitar design. The result was the creation of the “Beamer” and “Hapa” model guitars.

  • In 1991 Grimes teamed with Ned Steinberger to produce a “stress free” flat top guitar design, where the string tension is applied to a tailpiece, rather than the soundboard, thereby increasing sustain and volume. Gibson Guitars acquired the rights for this guitar in 1993.
  • In 1998, Grimes was selected to be among 22 arch top luthiers from around the world to build a guitar for Scott Chinery’s “Blue Guitar” collection, which spent one year on exhibit in the Smithsonian Gallery of American History.
  • In 2002 Grimes collaborated with legendary jazz guitarist Larry Coryell on a flat top, oval hole guitar, and the result was the “LC” model. He is currently working on a guitar design with George Bensen and Ibanez.

The hallmark of Grimes guitars is the close attention to detail, and the careful voicing of the soundboard, from arch tops to ukuleles, before the back plate is glued on. Grimes customizes each instrument to fit specific requests from the player, including tone, dimensions, aesthetics (woods, inlay, finish color, embellishments, etc). In addition to ukuleles finely handcrafted for world-class musicians such as Jake Shimabukuro, Keola Beamer, and Barry Flanagan, Steve has also made over 330 arch top guitars and 250 flat tops for such artists as George Benson (4 guitars), Larry Coryell (3 guitars), Leo Kottke, Earl Klugh, Keola Beamer (4), Walter Becker (8), Steve Miller (8), Pat Simmons, Willie Nelson and others.

This beautiful Custom Grimes tenor ukulele is handcrafted from master grade Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with a tight grained Redwood top. Brazilian Rosewood rosette, curly Hawaiian Koa wood top and back binding, matching Koa wood end graft, bound fretboard and headstock, and a Hawaiian Koa wood accent inlay at the bridge – a true masterpiece! A multi-ply wood white-purple-white top, back, and side purfling for aesthetic appeal and a musicians grade Gabon ebony wood radiused fingerboard and bridge are a few attributes that display a subtle elegance offered by this beautiful ukulele as it keeps with the earthy theme of the instrument. Meticulously inlaid mother-of-pearl side position markers on 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick top-down reference and a Honduras mahogany neck for added stability. Open-geared Gotoh UK-700 machine tuners for precise tuning with little weight added to the headstock. High gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish for mirror-like finish.

Brazilian Rosewood offers a powerful low-end with exceptional warmth from the tight-grained redwood soundboard. Perfectly set intonation, remarkable sustain, and great clarity on each note, this instrument has a fantastic tone and a full and open sound. The instrument is also very comfortable to cradle and is well center-balanced. This beautiful uke plays absolutely wonderfully and offers great depth and range all the way up the neck.  A recording level instrument from one of Hawaii’s most highly regarded luthiers, Steve Grimes.

Support the Ukulele Kids Club and acquire a handcrafted custom ukulele from one of the best in the world in handcrafted custom ukuleles. ID230004.

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