Custom Devine “Ancient Kauri” Concert Ukulele


C.2016. Mint. Custom DeVine Concert Ukulele handcrafted on the island of Maui, HI by master luthier Eric DeVine. Eric handcrafts a select number of instruments per year using only the finest grade of woods and materials available. With a prestige and craftsmanship like no other, DeVine ukuleles are amongst some of the absolute finest ukuleles available in the world and highly sought after.  His attention to detail and love of his craft is a testimony to the caliber of instruments he produces, many of which continue to be adorned by musicians worldwide, including world-renowned musician Eddie Vedder.

This gorgeous DeVine Concert ukulele is an absolute masterpiece! The back and sides were handcrafted of an extremely rare set of ancient kauri wood from the islands of Aotearoa, otherwise known as New Zealand. It was harvested from an old swamp that was once an ancient kauri forest, centuries ago and the set of wood used on this instrument is estimated to be somewhere between 10,000 – 15,000 years old. The ancient kauri wood used on the back and sides was from a limited stock of reserve musician’s grade wood that was unearthed in recent years, having been buried for centuries and remaining in a preserved state. A master grade set of wood was then meticulously prepared and then hand-delivered to Eric on the island of Maui where it waited patiently. The conclusion was this stunning piece of functional art.

Regarded as the oldest tonewood in the world, ancient kauri wood can only be found in extremely limited quantities and wood sets are often characterized with its light creamy streaks and luminous radiant grain. Tonally, it is characterized as having great attack with a full and bold tone, offering greater volume than most woods. A beautiful Carpathian spruce soundboard was selected in balancing the bold, full tone offered by ancient kauri back and sides with a soundboard that blended in a brighter glassier tap tone than the majority of species of spruce. Carpathian spruce is often characterized as possessing a nice stiffness and is also regarded as quite light in weight, making it a spruce often compared to tonal qualities and character traits of Adirondack or ‘Red Spruce’. A gorgeous Hawaii-grown Cuban Mahogany wood rosette, top and back binding, and matching fingerboard binding have been incorporated for a subtle but elegant contrast between the iridescent colors of the ancient kauri and the creamy hues of the Carpathian spruce soundboard. The figure in the Hawaii-grown Cuban Mahogany wood is also very unique as Cuban Mahogany is quite rare and a nice set of curly Cuban Mahogany is even more desirable and difficult to source. The natural beauty and diversity of the Hawaii-grown Cuban Mahogany tree, adds to an overall appeal of simple elegance of this beautiful piece.  Solid Honduras mahogany wood neck with a 14 fret joint to the body and graphite rod for added stability and increased sustain of the ukulele. Ebony fingerboard and bridge and an elegant abalone shell rosette and inlay on the soundboard for aesthetic appeal. Radiused fingerboard for ease of play in the higher positions on the neck. Bone nut and saddle.  Meticulous scroll inlay on the fingerboard, bridge, and matching position markers have been inlaid on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17. Classic ebony wood headstock cap with mother of pearl and abalone shell DeVine logo inlay. Elegant black-white pin-striped purfling on top, back, and sides. A side sound port for monitor-like effect and professional fine-tune Waverly open-geared machine tuners for precise tuning and classic appeal.  Nitrocellulose high-gloss finish.

DeVine ukuleles have a tone all to themselves. Remarkable clarity and sustain with perfectly set intonation as well. There is no compromise to the work that has been done and no expense spared of time or resource for the build. Beautiful aesthetics parallel the warm, rich and complex tones offered by this wonderful ukulele. One of the best in high-end custom ukuleles in the world, you’ll be very pleased with the craftsmanship and tones of a custom DeVine ukulele. #230034

Price: SOLD

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