Custom William King Ukulele

キング・ウクレレ (カスタム・コンサート)

A beautiful gently used Custom William King Concert Ukulele built in Austin, TX. Constructed of Hawaiian curly Koa wood on back and sides and Western cedar wood top with ebony fretboard and bridge. This piece boasts an ebony wood binding on front, back and gorgeous paua shell rosette. 12 fret joint to the body with 16 overall frets to the soundhole. Tru-wax finish with bone nut and saddle and a sound that is absolutely magnificent.

This one has Peghead geared tuners with ebony wood knobs. They look like the old friction violin style tuners but are actually geared tuners and work great for precise tuning. Not to mention it also lessens the weight of the headstock. The fretboard is also radiused for ease of play. It makes for a nice smooth and comfortable play and ease in the positioning of your fingers all the way up the neck.

Light strum marks and minimal fret wear. There are two blemishes in the finish on the left and right side of the headstock. The koa used on the back is more reddish in appearance whereas the koa used on the sides are more brownish in color. No cracks. No fractures. No repairs. No needed repairs. This beauty really sings and has excellent volume and incredible sustain. The low tones are nice and long and crisp and balanced on the high end as well. Now is your chance to have a phenomenal player instrument from one of USA’s best luthiers.

Price: SOLD

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