Custom William King Concert Ukulele

キング・ウクレレ (カスタム・コンサート)

A beautiful Custom William King Concert Ukulele built in Austin, TX in all original condition. This custom concert ukulele was handcrafted in with Hawaiian Koa back and sides and a gorgeous spruce top for added high and mid-range notes. It features curly maple binding, an ebony fingerboard with MOP markers, an ebony pin bridge, an ebony faceplate and Grover open-geared tuners for precise tuning. Simple rosette, elegant maple wood end graph and a gloss lacquer finish make for an aesthetically appealing ukulele.

The set-up is perfect and the uke is very easy to play and has exceptionally nice tones. I would characterize them to be quite rich and full all the way up the neck. There is also very good center-balance on the instrument both structurally and tonally. I also love the feel of the neck as well. It is very comfortable to play. This uke would be great for both fingerpicking and strumming. Highly recommended.

Price: SOLD

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