Custom Pegasus Tenor Ukulele


Custom Pegasus Ukulele. Beautiful Pegasus 4-String Tenor Ukulele handcrafted in the traditional shape by luthier Bob Gleason of  Kurtistown, HI. Bob handcrafts some of not only the most aesthetically pleasing ukuleles available on the market but also professional recording level instruments for both the professional musician and recreational player.

This particular piece is handcrafted from Hawaiian Kolohala, otherwise known as pheasant wood, and is not known to grow anywhere outside of Hawaii. Kolohala is a prized wood in Hawaii and is very rare, valuable, and stunningly beautiful as well. The wood produces shades of light to dark brown with fine black grain, which very much resembles the feathers of our local Hawaiian pheasant. It is often badly stained from minerals in the soil and so only a few ‘clean’ sets are typically available from a tree that is instrument grade wood and quartersawn. This is a perfect example of a premium set of Kolohala wood. Kolohala is a relatively heavy and dense wood and is an excellent tone wood for ukuleles. It is less common to see ukuleles handcrafted from Kolohala due to the rarity of the wood and the difficulty in obtaining pieces large enough for an ukulele. Only some of the most skilled luthiers in Hawaii utilize this wood on ukuleles due to its value and difficulty in acquiring instrument grade sets.

This beautiful custom Pegasus ukulele is handcrafted of Kolohala wood top, back, and sides, with matching fretboard and bridge. The fretboard is also radiused for ease of play. The radiused fretboard is not a common feature on an ukulele and only a few custom builders in Hawaii incorporate this characteristic in to their ukuleles because it does make the wrist angle for the player much more comfortable. Honduras mahogany neck with a scale length of 434mm. Micarta nut and saddle, curly Koa top and back binding for an elegant appeal. Gorgeous hand cut paua shell rosette, top purfling, and matching headstock inlay and hand cut mother of pearl Hawaiian hula theme position markers on 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12. Hand chiseled /carved Ipu heke (Hawaiian gourd) on side of neck in keeping with the Hawaiian hula theme. Dovetail accessible through 15th fret slot, titebond aliphatic glue for all wood joints. Cyanoacrylate for shell inlay. Vinyl sealer and nitrocellulose lacquer top coats for glossy finish. The instrument was handcrafted in 2010 and had a some minor finish-checking in the lacquer. It has since received a clean coat of nitrocellulose lacquer and a perfect buffing. It is immaculate!

The Ipu heke is a percussion instrument made from gourds that is often used to provide a beat for hula dancing. The position markers are of various postures of hula dancers as they dance in unison to the beat of the Ipu heke which is hand carved in to the left and right sides of the neck.

The tones are absolutely wonderful on this piece ~ very chocolately and complex all the way up the neck with excellent clarity, wonderful sustain and excellent projection as well. Any Pegasus Ukulele is a tough find but this one is even that much more special being handcrafted of Kolohala wood. All of Bob’s ukuleles are meticulously crafted from the finest materials and with stunning attention to detail. His instruments have perfectly set intonation, very clean and precise tones all the way up the neck, and the build with all the warmth of true ‘Aloha’. Nothing but the best in high end custom ukuleles from Bob Gleason!!!

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