Custom Ko’olau Tenor Ukulele


Custom ukuleles by Ko’olau Ukulele Company. The “Cadillac” of contemporary high-end ukuleles! You wanted it and here it is. Extremely rare custom Kolohala ukulele from the legendary Koʻolau Ukulele Co of Wahiawa, Hawaii. You’re lucky if you find one of these surface every couple of years or so. So don’t take your chances. This one is incredible!

This particular piece is handcrafted from Hawaiian Kolohala, otherwise known as pheasant wood, and is not known to grow anywhere outside of Hawaii. Kolohala is a prized wood in Hawaii and is very rare, valuable, and stunningly beautiful as well. The wood produces shades of light to dark brown with fine black grain, which very much resembles the feathers of our local Hawaiian pheasant. It is often badly stained from minerals in the soil and so only a few ‘clean’ sets are typically available from a tree that is instrument grade wood and quartersawn. This is a perfect example of a premium set of Kolohala wood. Kolohala is a relatively heavy and dense wood and is an excellent tone wood for ukuleles. It is less common to see ukuleles handcrafted from Kolohala due to the rarity of the wood and the difficulty in obtaining pieces large enough for an ukulele. Only some of the most skilled luthiers in Hawaii utilize this wood on ukuleles due to its value and difficulty in acquiring instrument grade sets.

This beautiful custom Ko`olau CS ukulele is handcrafted of Kolohala wood back and sides, with an amazing redwood soundboard. The fretboard and bridge are crafted of rosewood and the neck is carved from solid Honduras mahogany for added stability. Gorgeous hand cut paua shell rosette and single b-w top and side purfling for aesthetic appeal. Very elegant and complimentary to the hue of the Kolohala wood. Top and back binding of rosewood in keeping with the theme and colors of the piece. The fretboard markers have been inlaid with mother-of-pearl on positions 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. Satin style finish for smooth play up and down the neck.

Absolutely amazing overtones and a true joy to play. Excellent projection, sustain, and presence. The set up is nice as well and is easy to play all the way up the neck. Great for picking or strumming. The ‘Cadillac’ of the Hawaii-made ukulele, Ko`olau Ukulele. Highly recommended! The list price for a model with similar appointments begins at $2,600. Since there is a nick in the soundboard and some play wear I am letting this amazing player piece go for a phenomenal price.

Price: SOLD

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