Custom Koa Works Tenor Ukulele


Custom Ukulele by Koa Works Ukulele. A beautiful Custom Koa Works Tenor Ukulele handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawai’i by luthier Rich Godfrey. This one was completed in 2012 and previously owned but went virtually unplayed since it was purchased some odd months ago. Absolutely gorgeous and a breath of tones even more alluring than its subtle elegant appearance!

Handcrafted of quarter-sawn curly Hawaiian Koa wood on face, back and sides and macassar ebony fretboard and bridge. Honduran mahogany wood neck and graphite rod insert for added stability and sustain. The top and back binding is crafted with ebony wood and a curly sycamore top and back trim. The fretboard is also bound with ebony wood and has a matching sycamore trim for aesthetic appeal and smooth play up and down the neck. Gorgeous paua shell position markers, shell rosette, and shell ‘Honu’ inlay on headstock. Stunning Hokulea ‘sail’ headstock with professional Gotoh Contour machine tuners for precise tuning. Molokai deer antler nut and saddle and a high-gloss finish with and a sound that rings true ‘Hawaii’.

This beautiful custom Koa Works full-body tenor ukulele really sings and has excellent volume and sustain. The tones have matured over the past few months since its completion.  The low tones are rich, deep and resonant with excellent projection and sustain and the all Koa body also provides a very traditional sound with well balanced highs and mid-range tones as well.

Nows your chance to have a phenomenal player instrument from one of Hawaii’s best luthiers. Only about 10-12 ukuleles are made per year and these usually sell very quickly. Highly recommended!

Price: SOLD

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