Custom Koa Works Guitar


Custom Koa Works Guitar. A beautiful new Custom Koa Works ‘Mahina’ Guitar was built on the island of Hawaii by Rich Godfrey and specifically as an entry for the 2013 Hawaii Wood Show! Absolutely stunning in every way, this guitar took 1st Place at the Wood Show and was one of the focal discussion pieces amongst woodworkers and attendees alike. Rich has only handcrafted three guitars in his luthier career; the first was a gift to his son, the second was built in the classical guitar fashion and sold about seven years ago and this is the third. He rarely ever builds guitars as he has a passion for the ukulele that has enabled professional musicians and uke enthusiasts worldwide the enjoyment of playing a Koa Works. The guitar is a truly stunning one-of-a-kind piece and plays even better than it looks.

Handcrafted of gorgeous quarter-sawn master grade fiddle-back Hawaiian Koa wood on face, back and sides and Gabon ebony fretboard and bridge, this guitar was meticulously worked on for months – with attention to every detail along the way – and reached completion in August 2013. The top and back binding is crafted with ebony and the fretboard is also bound with ebony for smooth play up and down the neck. Gorgeous Koa wood, mother-of-pearl, and paua shell inlay for position markers. Matching paua shell rosette and top purfling, and ‘Honu’ inlay on headstock. Stunning slotted-headstock with professional Waverly machine tuners for precise tuning. Molokai deer antler nut and saddle, a high-gloss finish with and a sound that rings true ‘Hawaii’.

The hand-cut Koa wood, mother-of-pearl, and paua shell special inlay on the fretboard is themed after the ‘Mahina’ or ‘Moon’ in Hawaiian. The inlay tells a story of old Hawaii in which the ancient Hawaiians would fish under the full moon light for a fresh catch. The dual inlay markers on position 12 symbolizes the Hawaiian poi pounder which was made of rock in ancient Hawaii and used to mash up the Taro root and make ‘poi’, a primary stable of the ancient Hawaiian people. The inlay on the 15th position is of a crescent moon.

The instrument itself is a true recording artists guitar. This beauty really sings and has excellent volume and incredible sustain. Side sound port for monitor-like experience with the sound firing both forward and upward towards the player. The low tones are warm, and well rounded with excellent high notes very well balanced all the way up the neck. Perfect intonation, great sustain, and a clarity that will entice you to play for hours on end! Nows your chance to have a phenomenal player instrument from one of Hawaii’s best luthiers.

Price: SOLD

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