Custom Killer Tenor Ukulele


A beautiful Custom Killer Ukulele Tenor Ukulele handcrafted in Carlsbad, CA by master luthier Thomas Heller. Thomas’ interest for design and wood working finds its origins in his passion for surfboard shaping and millwork, which he began as a trade in the seventies. This grew in to an fascination for fine instruments, where he merged his knowledge and passion for design through ‘shaping’ with that of refined wood working, as he built his first classical guitars in early 2005. Now, Thomas continues to apply this experience to his ukulele luthiery and has received raving reviews about the ‘Killer’ tones and playability of his instruments, hence the ‘Killer Ukulele’ label.

This custom tenor ukulele is crafted in the classical guitar style with a traditional Spanish heel construction in which the sides of the body are glued in to saw kerfs on the neck. Bridge placement is based on a 12 fret joint to the body that allows for increased sustain, clarity, and excitement on the soundboard. The instrument was meticulously crafted from extremely rare old growth master grade quarter sawn Central South American (CSA) rosewood back and sides, a legendary tone wood – Sitka spruce soundboard, a Honduras Mahogany neck, and an Ebony fretboard, bridge, and matching headstock plate. The uke boasts an Ebony top and back binding with a double soundboard purfling line for aesthetic appeal. Gorgeous rope marquetry rosette in classical style with geared Peghead 4:1 ratio tuners for light yet quick and precise tuning. French polish finish.

The neck is fast, smooth, and very comfortable as you progress up towards the body. The set-up is also perfect and the uke is very easy to play and has exceptional projection, volume, and sustain. The tones are bright, crisp, and resonant all the way up the neck. The sweetness and sustain compliment the clarity and articulation and provide a nice fluidity to phrasing of note and chord progressions. Very rich, chocolately, and complex deep tones as well, classic Central South American (CSA) rosewood. There is also very good structural center-balance on the instrument as well. This uke would be great for both fingerpicking and strumming. Perfect for recording. Highly recommended.

Price: SOLD

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