Custom Kawika 8-String Tenor Ukulele


Custom ukuleles by Kawika Ukuleles. Beautiful Kawika 8-String Tenor Ukulele in excellent near mint condition. This piece is tremendously rare and was designed by David Hurd with players who enjoy finger-picking the 8-string ukulele in mind. Yes, an 8-string uke handcrafted for both strumming and finger-picking too!

David Hurd is no longer accepting orders. Kawika Ukuleles are amongst the most desired, best sounding and rare Hawaii-made ukuleles around.

Premium Hawaiian Koa face, back, & sides with ebony fretboard and bridge. Hawaiian Koa neck. Nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The term “GRE” is hand-written on the card. David emailed and informed me that this stands for “Graphite Carbon Epoxy Composite Rod” that is installed in the neck below the fretboard. This insert stabilizes the neck and adds to the tone of the instrument. This beautiful ukulele has a sound that is symphony-like in nature. Very complex and thorough in sound with clean low, mid-range and high tones. Action is set incredibly low and it’s a true wonder for playability. Kawika Ukuleles are definite keeper ukuleles for both playability and collect-ability and one of the best sounding ukes I have ever come across.

Price:  SOLD

ほぼ新品同様 の美しいカビカの8弦テナーウクレレです。カビカは現在注文を受け付けていない為とても入手しにくく、ハワイで作られているウクレレの中でも一、二を争うほど音がよく、大人気のウクレレの一つです。プ レミアムのコアがボディーのトップ,サイド,バックに使われており、エボニーがフレットボード、ブリッジ,そしてバインディングに使われています。ネック はホンジュラスのマホガニーです。フレンチ塗装で仕上がっています。シンフォニーのようなきれいで奥の深い音がします。アクションが低く、非常に弾きやす くできています。カビカのウクレレは弾くにも優れており、またコレクターのウクレレとしても貴重なものです。音がとにかく素晴らしい一作です!

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