Custom Glyph Soprano Ukulele

グリフ・ソプラノ・ウクレレ (非常にレア物)
Beautiful Custom Glyph Soprano Ukulele handcrafted by luthier David Means of Annapolis, Maryland in excellent original condition. Glyph instruments are highly sought after custom pieces and last I heard there was nearly a three year wait for one of David’s incredible Glyph ukuleles.

This beautiful custom Glyph is handcrafted from rare and desirable tone wood, Honduras mahogany, face, back and sides. The fingerboard is crafted from premium Rosewood. The instrument has a fourteen fret joint to the body and fifteen overall frets to the soundhole, a gorgeous hand-carved f-hole soundhole, and star-shaped mother-of-pearl position markers on 5, 7, 10, and 12. This uke also boasts a gorgeous crest moon inlay on the headstock of mother-of-pearl and a classic Glyph hieroglyphic inlay as well., Friction tuners and tru-oil finish.

This instrument is a wonderful player ukulele. The joints are clean and all seams are tight. The body as a whole seems to resonate and not only the soundboard. You can feel the instrument vibrate with each chord picked or strummed.

Beautiful tones, great sustain, excellent projection from a very rare custom Glyph soprano ukulele.

Price: SOLD

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