Custom Barron River Soprano Ukulele


Preowned – excellent condition. Custom Barron River Soprano Ukulele handcrafted by Allen McFarlen of Cairns, Australia. An incredible piece from one of Australia’s most foremost luthiers of custom ukuleles. This beautiful Custom Barron River Soprano Ukulele boasts a body design that is slightly smaller than a typical soprano body yet with a projection and sustain more commonly found in a slightly larger sized ukulele and more. In addition, it’s a rare one with a 14 fret joint to the body, uncommon for soprano sized instrument and allowing for much higher reach up on the neck with greater ease.

A truly wonderful and well thought out design, Allen McFarlen handcrafts only a limited number of instruments and these masterpieces are rather difficult to come by, even in Australia. The sound, however, is what makes this beauty even better than it looks! This Custom Barron River Soprano Ukulele comes complete with a beautiful set of Australian Blackwood back and sides – a wood similar in appearance to that of Hawaiian Koa and in the same family of acacia woods. The ukulele also boasts a gorgeous set of Huon Pine wood for its soundboard. Softer and heavier than spruce, Huon pine grows much slower than spruce, cedar, or redwood trees and only reproduce after several hundred years in existence. It is highly prized for its beauty but also offers a tremendous sustain and depth as its core tonal characteristics. Cherished also for its beautiful yellowish – golden color, this wood is only found in New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Southeast Asia and continues to be regarded as Southeast Asia’s hidden secret by luthiers of finely handcrafted guitars and ukuleles. African Sapele wood neck, a musicians grade bound Australian Blackwood fretboard, bridge, top and back binding, and headstock veneer in keeping with the premium grade of woods. The fretboard has been radiused at a 12″-16″ compound radius for ease of play in higher positions up the neck and is a wonderful feature of this instrument. Abalone rosette with matching diamond style position markers inlaid on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12, with a rare 14 fret joint to the body and 16 overall frets to the sound hole. Gold Gotoh UPT 4:1 planetary tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Beautiful high gloss polyurethane finish.

Fantastic tonal qualities. Perfect balance with a wonderful mid-range and classic acacia ‘punchiness’ to it. Very nice top-end and balanced lows. The ukulele also has great clarity and a nice touch of warmth as well. Perfectly set intonation. A highly sought after custom ukulele that is very light in weight with a great sound from a luthier that is rarely found in the US. ID#210048

Price: SOLD

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