Custom Barron River Tenor Ukulele


New. Custom Barron River Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Allen McFarlen of Cairns, Australia. An incredible piece from one of Australia’s most foremost luthiers of custom ukuleles. This beautiful Custom Barron River Tenor Ukulele boasts a body design that is slightly smaller than a typical body design for a tenor ukulele yet possesses all the projection and sustain expected from a tenor ukulele and more.

A truly wonderful and well thought out design, Allen McFarlen handcrafts only a limited number of instruments and these masterpieces are rather difficult to come by, even in Australia. The sound, however, is what makes this beauty even better than it looks! This Custom Barron River Tenor Ukulele comes complete with a master grade set of Tropical African Sapele wood back and sides and a tight grain Swiss Alpine Spruce soundboard. Gorgeous African Sapele wood neck in keeping with the premium grade of woods used on this piece. Diamond style position markers inlaid on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17 with a 12 fret joint to the body and 19 overall frets to the sound hole. Musicians grade Indian Rosewood fretboard, bridge, and headstock veneer. Matching Indian Rosewood top and back binding with a beautiful high gloss polyurethane finish. Australian Blackwood rosette. Planetary geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning and a MiSi pick up for a quick plug-and-play.

African Sapele wood is often referred to as ‘Sapele Mahogany’ and is commonly associated with Mahogany as being its distant relative and having tonal qualities similar in nature. Sapele is also known for a wide variety of figured grain patterns, such as: pommele, quilted, mottled, wavy, beeswing, and fiddleback. This set would be considered pommele in its figure pattern and is a gorgeous example of the hidden beauty within these 100-150 foot giants. Swiss Alpine Spruce is highly regarded for its responsiveness and rich tone, yielding a powerful attack and great clarity with crisp highs. Wonderful tonal qualities. Perfect balance, crisp highs, and a bright punchy sound with great spring to each note. Perfectly set intonation as well. A highly sought after custom ukulele that is very light in weight with a great sound and rarely found in the US. ID#200092

Price: SOLD

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