1920s Martin ‘2M’ Concert Ukulele


Vintage Martin Ukulele. Extremely rare early model 1920s era Martin 2M Concert Ukulele. Either an early prototype model of the Martin 2M concert or the 1 of 2 only every made of this model. This is one of the earliest known concert ukuleles to have ever been handcrafted by C.F. Martin & Co outside of the 1-C model and a tremendously rare museum-quality collectible ukulele.

These instruments came at a time when interest in Hawaii was on the rise and only the Martin 1-C ukuleles were in production and sold at the concert size. It is said that there are very limited numbers of Martin ukuleles in the concert size aside from the 1-C model. This is an excellent representation of the rare 2M concert, which was never pur in to production and crafted in mass numbers.

The 1920s Martin & Co 2M Concert ukulele can be characterized with classic style mahogany wood top, back, sides, and neck ‘stained’ to the classic dark rich C.F. Martin &  Co. wood-stain. Top, and back ivroid binding in keeping with the 2M soprano model characteristics with added heel-cap ivroid binding for added appeal. Rosewood fretboard and mahogany wood bridge. Traditional concentric circle purfling rosette. Classic “C.F. Martin & Co” stamp inside of the soundhole. Total length 23.5 inches.

The overall weight of the instrument is also significantly lighter than the post 1920s 1-C Martin concert models that have passed through and I suspect that this is due in part to the overall thickness of the wood on these early pieces. This could be a contributing factor to the incredible projection, clarity, and sustain these early pieces have that indefinitely separate them from the later production models. Absolutely amazing!

Now is your chance to own one of the rarest models in the concert size from C.F. Martin & Co. Nice rich warm tones with excellent sustained mid-range and crisp high notes. Highly recommended collectible and players ukulele. ID#180143

Price: $5,850.00

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