1920s Kamaka ‘Special’ Pineapple Ukulele


Beautiful Kamaka ‘Special’ Pineapple of the 1920s. It is said that the pineapple model was the very uke that saved Kamaka from going bankrupt during the early stages of production. This beauty is made out of a Monkeypod wood top and Koa wood back and sides and boasts a gorgeous abalone shell inlay on the soundboard, neck, and matching rosette. There is also a pineapple decal on the soundboard. There is no fretboard as these early models never came with them. Consequently the frets and abalone shell have been inlaid directly in to neck.

This Kamaka Pineapple is a tremendously difficult model to locate and a true historical piece that is rarely ever seen by the general public.

Price: SOLD

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