1920s Akai ‘Scroll Headstock’ Ukulele

Beautiful and extremely rare Akai deluxe soprano ukulele from the early 1920s in gorgeous original condition. This beautiful piece was handcrafted on the island of Oahu at the turn of the twentieth century and remains in phenomenal collectible and playable condition.

Gorgeous Hawaiian Koa wood face, back, and sides with all Koa wood neck and bridge. The fretboard, soundboard, and rosette are bound with a classic rope marquetry for aesthetic appeal. Original ‘Aloha Hawaii’ decal on headstock with ‘Made in Hawaii – Akai’ and ‘Made in Hawaii – Taboo’ wood branding inside the soundhole. This was typically done by earlier builders to distinguish the instruments actually made in Hawaii from those that were brought in to Hawaii from the continental USA and sold at local music stores. Classy early scroll headstock design for aesthetic appeal.

This uke plays wonderfully too. It is not only a nice player uke it is a true historical piece as well. A classic ukulele from Hawaii’s golden age.

Price: SOLD


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