Keilani Soprano Ukulele


Preowned. Keilani Soprano Ukulele. A wonderful little ukulele among to the vast options of entry-level ukuleles on the market. This Keilani Ukulele was made by KC Moore and has a beautiful koa wood face, back, and sides with a mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. For a little body it has wonderful projection and sustain. Perfect for both beginners and long-time ukulele lovers.

In terms of the condition, there are numerous nicks, dings, and scratches, etc but no cracks and no needed repairs. The neck is straight and the bridge without issue as well. The uke can be played and enjoyed just as it is without issue and is a great little playing uke for an entry level player or someone who is looking for a uke for small gatherings where you need not worry about passing around your treasured custom ukulele.

Price: SOLD

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