Custom Ana’ole Tenor Ukulele


Circa 2018. Custom Ana`ole Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Gareth Yahiku of Pearl City, Hawaii. Handcrafted on the island of Oahu, Ana’ole Ukuleles creates the finest in high-end custom ukuleles from Hawaii. Indeed, a wonderful building style that only comes with experience with a contemporary flair in aesthetics and a sound that appeals to the most acute ears.

This Custom Ana’ole Tenor Ukulele comes complete with gorgeous Pomelle Sapele wood face, back and sides with a Gabon Ebony wood fretboard, bridge, and bound fingerboard for smooth play up and down the neck. The neck itself was handcrafted from musicians grade Honduran mahogany wood for added stability. This beautiful ukulele also boasts a simple yet elegant abalone shell soundhole rosette with black-white-black accent lines, giving it a subtle but elegant distinction from the unique patters of the Pomelle Sapele wood. Gabon Ebony wood top and back binding with a matching top, back, and sides black-white-black accent lines. A Pomelle Sapele wood head stock veneer, Grover open-geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning, and a high gloss nitrocelluloise finish are a few more wonderful amenities to this gorgeous custom Ana’ole tenor ukulele.

A large African tree ranging from Sierra Leone to Angola and eastward through the Congo to Uganda, Sapele trees grow in excess of 100 feet in height in tropical Africa. It is most widely known for its reddish-brown color that in many ways is very similar in appearance to Mahogany and its relative ease in woodworking. Pomelle Sapele, on the other hand, is a unique phenomenon that occurs in the stress pattern of the wood. The Pomelle figure occurs at stress points in the tree in which the grain is interlocked and changes direction in frequent, irregular intervals. It is quite rare and only a small percentage of the overall tree, if any, may or may not have this wood pattern – making it a prized wood reserved for the highest quality of handcrafted instruments.

Gareth is one of the custom instrument builders who apprenticed under G-String Ukulele Co. for a number of years, working on many of the semi-custom and full custom instruments at the time. He has since created his own company and now handcrafts his own instruments under the label of Ana’ole Ukuleles for your enjoyment. A wonderfully handcrafted ukulele for the true ukulele enthusiast. Intonation is perfect with a nice balanced tone. Well rounded mid-range and low end with crisp highs and great clarity. A very nice ukulele that was handcrafted with the player in mind! ID#:180200

Price: SOLD

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