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Custom Moore Bettah Tenor Ukulele


Circa 2008. Preowned. Custom Moore Bettah Ukulele. Beautiful Custom Moore Bettah Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by master luthier Chuck Moore of the Big Island, HI. Chuck handcrafts some of not only the most aesthetically pleasing ukuleles available on the market but also professional recording level instruments for both the professional musician and recreational player.

This wonderful and extremely rare Moore Bettah tenor ukulele was handcrafted with the finest materials and with the wonderful attention to detail. Gorgeous master grade Hawaiian Koa wood top, back, and sides, Rosewood fretboard and top and back binding with a Cocobolo wood bridge. Custom 4 color soundboard purfling with matching rosette and headstock plate meticulously inlaid of Maple wood, Cocobolo wood, Rosewood, and Ebony wood. The neck was hand-carved from Honduras Mahogany wood and is carbon fiber reinforced for added stability. Beautifully inlaid positions markers on 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 for quick reference. The theme of this piece is the ‘Hawaiian Taro’ and the inlay was done with paua ‘abalone’ shell and Tahitian black pearl shell. High gloss finish.

Taro is a known staple of the Native Hawaiian diet and at the core of the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians believe the taro plant to be sacred. Taro, called “kalo” in Hawaiian, is central to the Native Hawaiian creation story. In ancient Hawaii, taro played a much larger role beyond dietary staple. At the economic, political and spiritual center of Hawaiian agricultural society, the taro plant and its history grew to mythological proportions. So important was taro for Hawaiians’ survival and prosperity that it was considered an elder sibling to the Hawaiian race. In tales of taro’s origins, it is the stillborn first child of Wakea, the sky father, and his daughter Ho’ohokukalani (daughter to Papa, the earth mother). This child was buried near the house and grew into a taro plant they named Haloanaka, or long stalk trembling. The second son born to Wakea and Ho’ohokukalani took human form and was named Haloa after his elder brother. From this Haloa the human race descended. Thus Hawaiians as a people understood themselves to be closely related to taro.

This beautiful Custom Moore Bettah ‘Taro’ Tenor Ukulele boasts bold tones with a very full sound. Excellent sustain with exceptional note separation, clarity, and projection. The instrument is very well balanced tonally all the way up the neck with a classic Hawaiian Koa wood ‘bark’. 1.5 inch nut width, which is rare on a MB ukulele but allows for greater vertical string spacing – perfect for fingerpicking or for those who desire a little more space at the nut. Highly recommended player piece. A very rare custom ukulele from one of Hawaii’s top luthiers and perfect for recording artists, weekend giggers, and the uke-lover at heart! ID#:200009.

Price: SOLD

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