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Custom Moore Bettah Tenor Ukulele


Preowned. Circa 2008. Custom Moore Bettah Tenor Ukulele – ‘Midnight Moon over Opihikao’. A work of art! Absolutely beautiful custom Moore Bettah ‘Midnight Moon over Opihikao’ Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by master luthier Chuck Moore of the Big Island, HI. Chuck handcrafts some of the most desirable ukuleles in the world, many of which have intricate inlay themes that are remarkable in detail and with a tone that would make even the most seasoned professional musician smile. Moore Bettah ukuleles are highly sought after by both professional musicians as well as the recreational player worldwide who are looking for that extra special ukulele .

Gorgeous master grade premium Hawaiian curly Koa wood top, back, and sides from Chuck’s selection of reserved woods handpicked for each of his instruments. Musician’s grade Gabon Ebony wood fretboard, bridge, and matching Gabon Ebony wood top and back binding. Solid carbon fiber reinforced Honduras Mahogany wood neck for added structural integrity and a slightly warmer tone. Gorgeous ‘paua’ or abalone shell soundboard inlay with matching abalone rosette inlay, abalone position markers for quick reference, and abalone headstock purfling inlay. Button straps. Professional Grover open-geared tuners for quick and precise tuning. Glossy Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

The inlay theme of this wonderful and extremely rare Moore Bettah ‘Midnight Moon over Opihikao’ tenor ukulele was handcrafted from the finest materials and is one that speaks to the beauty of Opihikao in the district of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. The shoreline is some of the most picturesque and serene in all of Hawaii where Pele, the volcano goddess, has shaped this sacred coastline. Amidst the old jaded black lava rock seen flowing across this beautiful coastline are a few coconut trees giving testimony to the rebirth of the land. As the evening sky grows dark, nothing but the sound of rustling leaves in the wind and crashing waves on the Opihikao shoreline can be heard. The dark evening sky eventually succumbs to the illuminance of a full moon only to be partially obscured by the clouds. An inlay that is personal to the area where Chuck continues to be inspired in his art of finely handcrafted ukuleles – Opihikao. The inlay is comprised of curly Hawaiian Koa wood, acrylics, reconstructed stone, mother-of-pearl, and abalone shell.

The standard width at the nut on most ukuleles is either 1 3/8 inches or 1 1/2 inches. This beautiful custom Moore Bettah tenor ukulele has a 1.5 inch nut width for increased vertical spacing between the strings. Excellent for fingerpicking and strumming or for those who simply prefer the added vertical spacing for their playing needs. This instrument is an absolute treasure. Wonderful tones. A nice warm sound with excellent sustain, clarity, and projection. The instrument is very well balanced tonally all the way up the neck and spot on intonation as well. Highly recommended player piece but also a remarkable piece of functional art. This is as good as it gets for recording artists, weekend giggers, and the uke-lover at heart! ID:#190007

Price: SOLD

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