Custom Ko’olau Tenor Ukulele


(C.2015). Excellent Condition. Custom ukuleles by Ko’olau Ukulele company. Absolutely stunning Custom Ko`olau Tenor Ukulele handcrafted here on the island of Oahu by one of Hawaii’s foremost luthiers, Noa Bonk.

This custom Ko`olau tenor ukulele is the T2 model by designation with a simple but elegant feel of a full custom handcrafted ukulele; being both aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful player ukulele. Only a limited number of ukuleles are handcrafted by master luthier Noa Bonk each year.

The body is handcrafted with gorgeous Hawaii-grown Koa wood face, back, and sides with a slight figure in the wood. Koa wood is amongst the most prized woods aesthetically and tonally in the world and is used by luthiers on the finest ukuleles and guitars. Instrument grade Rosewood fretboard and bridge in keeping with the functional yet simple theme of a wonderfully playing instrument. Matching Rosewood headstock veneer and Ko’olau geared tuners for precise tuning.  The instrument also boasts a stylish mother-of-pearl inlay for the Ko`olau logo on the headstock and a simple black-white-black purfling line rosette. Satin finish on body and satin style finish on the neck allows for the player’s hands to move freely up and down the neck without concern of ‘sticking’ as you play. Factory installed passive pick up for quick plug and play.

Tonally, this beautiful Custom Ko’olau T2 Tenor Ukulele is a wonderful playing instrument with nice deep rich low tones and well balanced mid-range and high tones as well. Wonderful clarity, sustain, and projection all the way up the neck. A traditional tone that rings true ‘Hawaii’ with every strum from one of Hawaii’s finest luthiers, Noa Bonk. ID#:180107

Price: SOLD

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