1996 Kamaka Concert Ukulele


Beautiful 1990s Kamaka concert ukulele handcrafted by Kamaka Ukuleles of Honolulu, HI. This instrument was constructed of gorgeous quarter-sawn Hawaiian Koa wood on face, back, and sides with a Koa wood fingerboard and bridge. The instrument remains in beautiful original condition with some dark streaks on the soundboard and back of the instrument. It’s a stunning example of a Kamaka concert ukulele and is perfect for both the collector of ukuleles or the ukulele enthusiast looking for a classic Kamaka sound. 12 fret joint to the body and 16 frets to the sound hole. The string action is set well for ease of play and the ukulele has a classic satin style finish.

Nice warm well-rounded traditional ‘Kamaka’ sound that brings you back to a day yesteryear. Excellent clarity and sustain all the way up the neck. The overall center balance of the instrument is also wonderful and is easy to cradle up against your body when playing. If you’re looking for a great player uke you can’t go wrong with a Kamaka.

Price: SOLD

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