Custom Duane Noble Tenor Ukulele


Highly respected by his peers in the guitar community and by musicians worldwide for his creativity in design and tone in harp guitars and ukuleles, this beautiful custom ukulele was handcrafted with the finest materials by luthier Duane Noble of DL Noble Guitars and Ukuleles of Richland, WA.

Handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this gorgeous custom Duane Noble tenor ukulele has a discrete presence all its own. It boasts a stunningly beautiful highly figured set of fiddleback curly Mahogany wood from “the Fiddleback Tree” – a recently discovered Honduras Mahogany wood tree which has unique fiddleback curl in the wood and a popularity that is rapidly expanding among some of the world’s finest luthiers.  The ‘Fiddleback Tree” is highly regarded not only for its beautiful fiddleback curl all throughout the wood but also for the wonderful tone that it yields as well.  In the hands of master luthier Duane Noble, we see the combination of beauty, function, and tone with this rare set of wood. The neck is carved from a 5-piece set of Mahogany wood, Maple wood, and East-Indian Rosewood for added strength and increased sustain. The fingerboard, bridge, and top and back binding are all from Duane’s private stock of jet-black musician’s grade Gaboon Ebony wood, adding to the aesthetic of a simple but elegant build with the quality of a studio recording instrument. Matching “the Fiddleback Tree” Mahogany wood headstock veneer in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Simple white-black-white accent lines all throughout with a ‘paua’ or blue abalone shell meticulously inlaid on the soundboard and back of the instrument along with a matching abalone shell and spalted wood rosette, and a curly “the Fiddleback Tree” top and back binding and armrest bevel for added comfort when cradling the instrument. Cutaway for easy reach in higher positions on the neck.

The body style is uniquely designed to provide optimum tone to the player and the instrument has remarkable projection and clarity. Duane also slightly exaggerated the lower bout on this design, emulating the lower bout design of a slightly larger size tenor ukulele with a standard tenor scale and and shallow body design. This allows for a full and bolder tone quality. Easy reach high up on the neck with a 14th fret joint to the body and 20 overall frets to the sound hole. Matching blue abalone shell side fret dot markers for a top-down quick point of reference. Bone nut and saddle. Gorgeous high gloss lacquer finish and 4:1 ratio professional “Pegheds” geared tuning machines for smooth and precise tuning. The Pegheds also allow for considerable weight reduction a the headstock, which is in overall alignment with Duane’s approach to his builds.

The instrument is very comfortable to hold and quite light in weight, likely adding to the wonderful projection and sustain offered by this ukulele. Aesthetically appealing, this instrument is a complete package of fine craftsmanship with excellent projection, sustain, and clarity and a full range of tones. There is a depth and richness to the instrument that is both beautiful and powerful when fingerpicking, in particular. Ideal for both solo playing or accompaniment with excellent projection and overall presence. ID#:180187

Price: SOLD

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