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Custom DeVine Tenitone Ukulele


A masterpiece! Custom DeVine “Lava & Hawaiian Islands” Tenitone Ukulele handcrafted on the island of Maui, HI by master luthier Eric DeVine. Eric handcrafts a select number of instruments per year using only the finest grade of woods and materials available. With a prestige and craftsmanship like no other, DeVine ukuleles are amongst some of the absolute finest ukuleles available in the world and highly sought after.  His attention to detail and love of his craft is a testimony to the caliber of instruments he produces, many of which continue to be adorned by musicians worldwide including world-renowned musician Eddie Vedder.

This gorgeous DeVine tenitone ukulele is handcrafted of a musician’s grade Carpathian spruce sound board and a master grade curly Hawaiian Koa wood back and sides handpicked from a limited stock of reserve wood in Eric’s stock of premium woods. The gorgeous golden colored Hawaiian Koa wood adds to the overall elegant ambiance of this beautiful piece.  Solid flamed Hawaiian Koa wood neck with graphite rod for added stability and increased sustain of the ukulele. Gabon Ebony wood fingerboard and bridge and a matching Ebony wood top headstock plate in keeping with the theme of the instrument. Gorgeous golden curly Koa wood top and back binding with a matching bound fretboard for ease of play up and down the neck. Bone nut and saddle.  Meticulous scroll inlay on the fingerboard, bridge, and matching position markers have been inlaid on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17. Classic slotted headstock and mother-of-pearl and paduk wood DeVine logo inlay. Elegant black-white pin-striped purfling on top, back, and sides and a side sound port for monitor-like effect and professional fine-tune Robson slotted headstock machine tuners for precise tuning and classic appeal.  Nitrocellulose high-gloss finish.

The tenitone design is a new design by DeVine that incorporates a slightly longer scale than a tenor and is focused on an optimal tone and scale length that is between the traditional tenor scale and a baritone scale instrument. The result is something absolutely magnificent! With an even more full and pronounced tone, added sustain, and remarkable projection. A new body design and scale length, this is a true masterpiece in craftsmanship and tone with a design entirely unique to DeVine ukuleles. The tenitone is tuned to a standard GCEA tuning and yields more power, more volume, more sustain, and more possibilities for the player. It has all the added benefit and comfort of a slightly longer scale than a tenor yet is ergonomically a marvel with the benefit of a more forgiving instrument with a wider fret spacing than a tenor but without the great distances between frets often associated with the longer baritone scale. This one is as goldilocks would likely describe it to be “…just right!”

The theme of this ukulele is a marvel in itself and is something that speaks to the life of the Hawaiian islands and the creation story of what we now call ‘paradise’. The red rosette and back center inlay is absolutely stunning but offers a deeper meaning than what it appears to offer aesthetically. The first of it’s kind, DeVine has incorporated a thin layer of red epoxy into the build, paying tribute to the creation of the Hawaiian islands and the lava that has formed all we know these majestic islands to be. A darker red as it stands, represents the slow moving, pāhoehoe or ‘smooth or unbroken’ lava and the continuity and power in the creation of the islands. Likewise, the ʻaʻā form of lava, which translates into “stony rough lava”,  but is also known as to “burn, blaze, glow” or “fire” is also secretly represented. The ʻaʻā  is often regarded as the fast moving and thick flowing lava that seemingly mimics the power and beauty of the large scale river flows. Holding the instrument up to the light you will see a vivid glow as this beautiful ukulele takes on new life and plays tribute to the rapid expansion of the Hawaiian islands through the ʻaʻā lava as it eagerly makes it way toward the ocean, creating new land. And lastly, the red purfling line on the soundboard is symbolic of the boarder in which the land meets the ocean along the islands shores in the greater creation story of these wonderful Hawaiian islands. A remarkable combination of beauty, tone, and a creation story that continues on to this day.

DeVine ukuleles have a tone all to themselves. Remarkable clarity and sustain with perfectly set intonation as well. There is no compromise to the work that has been done and no expense spared of time or resource for the build. Beautiful aesthetics parallel the warm, rich and complex tones offered by this wonderful ukulele. One of the best in high-end custom ukuleles in the world, you’ll be very pleased with the craftsmanship and tones of a custom DeVine ukulele. ID#190064

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