Custom Oihata Tenor Ukulele


Beautifully handcrafted and extremely rare full custom ukulele by Satoshi Oihata of Hokkaido, Japan. Oihata ukuleles are known for their remarkable craftsmanship, attention to detail and balanced tones with several of Japan’s most famous celebrities and musicians alike enjoying his finely handcrafted works of art. Amongst those most notable is the legendary celebrity Konishiki, a Hawaii-born Japanese-Samoan (former) sumo wrestler who rose to the rank of Ozeki in 1987 – and has since retired from the ancient art of sumo and refocused his efforts to raising awareness on social issues and supporting children of underserved populations through his foundation, Konishiki Kids.

This beautiful Custom Oihata Tenor Ukulele is a [ Desire ] model by designation with a number of added amenities that really lends itself to being both aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful playing full custom ukulele. The body is handcrafted with gorgeous Hawaiian Cuban Mahogany wood face, back, and sides. This wood is a rare prized wood only available here in Hawaii since it was over harvested in Cuba during the 1800s. It remains amongst the most sought woods  both for it’s tonal properties and its gorgeous appearance.  Typically, Hawaii grown Cuban Mahogany wood is without figure (curls in the wood) but this particular set of wood is quite exceptional and some of the best wood grain I have every seen in a set of Cuban mahogany wood. Oihata uses nothing but the finest woods in the world, much of which is a substantially higher grade than what is typically found on the landscape of available ukuleles on the market. Instrument grade Macassar ebony wood fretboard and bridge with a matching ebony wood headstock plate and classy ‘Oihata’ inlay of mother-of-pearl shell. Side sound port for monitor like experience with projection firing upwards toward the players ear. Top and back rosewood binding with a gorgeous abalone ‘paua’ shell rosette and top abalone shell inlay on the soundboard and a fiery red accent line that compliments the natural hues of the Cuban Mahogany wood. Slotted headstock with a Honduras mahogany wood neck for added stability and professional Grover slotted-headstock geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. Beautiful high gloss finish. Mi-Si pick up for quick plug-and-play.

Tonally, this beautiful Custom Oihata [ Desire ] Tenor Ukulele is a wonderful playing instrument with excellent clarity and a wide breath of tones. An absolute joy to play with a unique design from one of Japan’s most respected and famous ukulele luthiers, Satoshi Oihata.

Price: SOLD


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