Custom Thomas Rodriguez Concert Ukulele


Beautifully handcrafted Custom Thomas Rodriguez Concert Ukulele of Richmond, VA. Thomas employs a unique approach to his builds in that he frequently incorporates reclaimed woods for his bracing patterns, rosettes (occasionally), and in some cases – the back and sides of the instrument itself. The origins of these reclaimed woods vary widely from aged furniture to salvaged vintage pianos – some woods dating back to the late 1800s. This lends itself to a whole new dynamic in tonal offerings. One that has the appeal and precision of a newly handcrafted ukulele with the sound of a seasoned or aged instrument.

Thomas or ‘Tom’ Rodriguez has been building guitars for twenty years. He started out building electric guitars in 1986 and became interested in classical and flamenco guitars after working as a repairman in a store specializing in nylon string guitars. In 1995 Tom set out on his own to start Rodriguez Guitars. The response to his classical guitars was so overwhelming that he soon phased out all repair work. Tom Rodriguez handcrafts about fifteen guitars a year and a limited number of premium ukuleles in his small studio. His guitars feature dome tops, arched backs, carbon fiber reinforced necks and his own unique asymmetrical lattice bracing, some of which he has also transferred over to the structure and build of his ukuleles. Rodriguez is a self taught luthier drawing inspiration from the woods he uses and the techniques he has mastered over the years resulting in instruments of exceptional craftmanship, superb sound and excellent playability.

This beautiful Thomas Rodriguez concert ukulele was handcrafted of Indian rosewood back and sides with a cedar wood soundboard. The bracing, in particular, is unique in that it uses wood that was hand split rather than milled to limit the amount of runout in the grain of the sitka spruce. All the braces were hand split from wood that was since been repurposed from a 1929 piano. Elegant holly binding with b-w-r-w-b purfling lines on the soundboard and single side and back purfling lines. Matching Indian rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and headstock veneer. African mahogany wood neck. Classic style wheat rosette and professional 4:1 Planetary geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning. Lattice bracing.

The lattice bracing is also a unique feature to this instrument and channels the vibrations of the soundboard in specific ways giving it excellent clarity and projection with great sustain. This ukulele is a joy to play and has a very pronounced voice. This concert ukulele is remarkably comfortable and light weight with excellent center balance. ID#:180129

Price: SOLD


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