Custom T’s Tenor Ukulele

ウクレレ (テナーウクレレ)

C.2012. Custom T’s Tenor Ukulele by Takahashi Shinji of T`s Ukuleles of Japan. An incredible piece from one of Japan’s most foremost luthiers for custom ukuleles. Takahashi Shinji has participated and won “Best in Show” at the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii (UGH) for two years. Absolutely meticulous and stunning construction with a tone that is secondary to none.

Handcrafted in Nagano, Japan, this tenor ukulele is constructed of the finest materials and remains in gently used condition. Gorgeous curly Koa wood face, back, and sides with rosewood fretboard and bridge. Matching Koa wood headstock veneer for aesthetic appeal. Honduran mahogany wood neck for added stability. Mother-of-pearl [ T’s ] headstock inlay. Finished with a beautiful high gloss finish. Professional pick up for quick plug-and-play performance. There are a couple of minor impression below the bridge near to the ‘a’ string that may have occurred when changing out the strings. Very minor and difficult to see in the photos. There is also an impact on the back of the headstock near the ‘g-string’ tuner.

Wonderful tonal qualities. Perfect balance, crisp highs and a nice midrange to it as well. A rare find for the true uke enthusiast from one of Japan’s most famous luthiers. What’s nice about this build is that it’s still made by a great luthier but because it does not have all the added amenities of shell inlay, binding, etc it’s more of a simple but elegant model and consequently the cost is considerably lower as well. It’s just a wonderful playing ukulele from Japan. ID#:180112

Price: SOLD

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