Custom Kamaka Tenor Ukulele


Stunning 1980 Custom Kamaka (4-string) Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Samuel Kamaka Jr. roughly thirty-five years ago. The instrument has since received a new coat of high gloss finish but no repairs and has been buffed out to a glossy perfection. It also bears a unique X-brace, which has only been used on a very few custom Kamaka ukuleles over the years. This one was converted from a steel string ukulele to a nylon set up and sounds absolutely amazing with the channeled vibrations offered through the X-brace rather than the fan brace set up.

This beautiful Custom Kamaka tenor ukulele is truly a gorgeous piece and was handcrafted of master grade Hawaiian curly Koa wood on the back and sides with a tight grain spruce soundboard. The jet-black ebony wood fingerboard and bridge is a wonderful attribute that is a standard for all musician grade instruments handcrafted at Kamaka. Solid Hawaiian Koa wood neck and a black-white-black top purfling line for a aesthetic appeal. An elegant Rosewood top and back binding with Hawaiian Koa wood rosette and a matching Hawaiian curly koa wood headstock plate that marry the entire theme of this stunning and rare custom Kamaka ukulele.

The unique X-brace system, which is not common on Kamaka ukuleles, provides added support to the soundboard and also channels the vibrations in a different way from that of the traditional fan brace set up. The result is a big and bold sound that is very full and robust with great sustain and projection. This rare custom Kamaka is truly a wonderful collectible and musicians grade full custom ukulele. This is a very rare one with the X-brace set up and one of only a few that were made with this set up.  This is the only X-braced Kamaka tenor ukulele that I have come across and in speaking with the Kamaka family it seems that there were only a few of these ever made.

Price: SOLD


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