Custom David Gomes Tenor Ukulele

ゴメズ・ウクレレ (カスタム・テナー)

2012. Gorgeous custom cocobolo wood back and sides with spruce top tenor ukulele handcrafted by master luthier David Gomes of the North Kohala district of the Big Island of Hawaii. David strongly believes that the aesthetic of the instrument must be paralleled by the craftsmanship and the constant focus on the tone itself and as a musician and luthier of over forty years, he understands the approach of luthier work from the perspective of being a player himself as well. This has allowed him the opportunity to make fine adjustments to his instruments over the years that have come from his own understanding of comfort, balance, playability and tone of the ukulele.

Constructed of master grade cocobolo wood on back and sides with tight grain spruce top for excellent response. Ebony fretboard with cocobolo wood bridge. Toon wood neck for added stability, this piece also boasts a gorgeous marquetry rosette and matching back center seem. Cocobolo wood top and back binding, with accented cocobolo wood end graph. Classic 12 fret joint to the body with 17 total frets to the soundhole. Poreless gloss finish with bone nut and saddle and closed geared Grover tuners for precise tuning. Slotted-headstock model.

A wonderful custom David Gomes ukulele from one of Hawaii’s famed ukulele luthiers, David Gomes. Crisp highs and well balanced low tones as well. The slotted-headstock on this piece also provides additional sustain.

Note: If you play higher up on the neck regularly this uke may not be the best option as there are a few intonation issues in the higher positions. If you only play in the lower positions, then the uke plays fine. At this price, however, you could easily have the intonation issues in the higher positions corrected by a professional and still make out with a phenomenal deal.

Price: SOLD

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