Blackbird Tenor Ukulele


The Blackbird Tenor Ukulele is a beautiful example of new advancements being made in the instrument industry in terms of construction, tone, playability, comfort, and durability – where technology and creative ideas forge new experiences for the player.

This Blackbird Tenor Ukulele is made entirely of carbon fiber and is not susceptible to the issues of humidity and dry or cold weather, which are of great concern for instruments handcrafted entirely of wood. It has a beveled back for added comfort when cradling the instrument against your body and comes set up with shoulder strap buttons and a pick up for quick plug and play. Professional Gotoh geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning.

The instrument has a surprisingly nice response with nice projection and clarity. It has a durable feel with a modern aesthetic appeal. Smooth neck to play up and down the fingerboard and is quite the fun experience to play.

Price: SOLD

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