Custom Barron River 6-String Tenor Ukulele


(C.2017). Preowned Custom Barron River 6-String Tenor Ukulele handcrafted by Allen McFarlen of Cairns, Australia. An incredible piece from one of Australia’s most foremost luthiers of custom ukuleles.

Allen McFarlen handcrafts only a limited number of instruments and these instruments are rather difficult to come by, even in Australia. This Custom Barron River Tenor Ukulele comes complete with several upgrades in woods; premium Pomelle Sapele wood back and sides with Westerns Red Cedar soundboard. Matching Pomelle Sapele wood headstock veneer with ‘Barron River’ logo inlay. Diamond style position markers inlaid on positions 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, and 17 with a 12 fret joint to the body and 17 overall frets to the sound hold. Radius fingerboard for added comfort in the higher positions on the neck. Macassar Ebony wood fretboard and Macassar Ebony wood bridge with Amboyna Burl Veneer. Brazilian Mahogany wood neck. East-Indian Rosewood top and back binding for aesthetic appeal. Spalted Big Leaf Maple wood rosette. Finished with a beautiful high gloss finish. Upgrade to premium Waverly open-geared tuners for smooth and precise tuning.

One of the best sounding 6-string ukuleles to arrive to our inventory. This beauty boasts a body design that is slightly smaller than typical body design for a tenor ukulele yet all the projection and sustain expected from a tenor ukulele. In addition, note that the the ‘G’ string is doubled up in octaves (low g and high G or ‘gG’) and the ‘A’ string are tuned in parallel (AA). This is quite different from the traditional set up of a 6-string, which is usually doubled first (AA) and (cC) tuned in octaves. This arrangement provides the custom Barron River 6-string tenor ukulele a wonderful depth and personality that is unique all to its own. A truly wonderful and well thought out full custom build with great tonal qualities. Perfect balance, crisp highs and deep lows and perfect intonation as well. A highly sought after custom ukulele that is very light in weight with a great sound. ID#:180176

Price: SOLD

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