1930s Ka-lai Pineapple Ukulele


Beautiful Ka-Lai pineapple ukulele from the early 1930s in a joint venture between ‘Johnny Lai’ and ‘Kamaka’ companies. This gorgeous piece is handcrafted from with a Mahogany wood face, back, and sides combination.

Some cracking on the front and back. The decals and inner label remain in remarkable condition and intact. It is also said that the pineapple model was the very model that helped to sustain sales for Kamaka and Lai-Lai through the Great Depression years and in the earlier stages of the company’s history. ‘Johnny Lai’ was also looking to capitalize on this trendy shape and worked with Kamaka on a collaborative effort to make ‘Ka-Lai Ukuleles’.

This cool historical Ka-lai pineapple ukulele also bears a Metronome Music Store mailing label on the back of the ukulele. Got to love the delivery instructions…”Opposite Hawaii Theatre” and the 4 digit phone number too.

Price: SOLD

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