Special Issue KoAloha Tenor Ukulele


(C.2014) Mint. A rare ‘Special Issue’ semi-custom KoAloha Tenor Ukulele handcrafted from one of Hawaii’s most popular ukulele companies, KoAloha Ukuleles.

The ‘Special Issue’ semi-custom model for KoAloha is a beautiful option for those looking for a few more added amenities to their KoAloha ukulele. These are available only on limited release and are perfect for both musicians and aspiring musicians alike. This gorgeous ‘Special Issue’ semi-custom KoAloha was handcrafted with a musician’s grade spruce soundboard and a special set of curly Hawaiian Koa wood back and sides. The fretboard and bridge was cut from Macassar ebony wood with a matching ebony wood fretboard binding for easy of play up and down the neck and no sharp frets to worry about – making it consistent with a musicians choice for custom ordered instruments. The neck was carved from Honduran mahogany wood for added stability and increased sustain and the ukulele also came set up with professional closed-geared 14:1 gear ratio black KoAloha tuners for precise tuning and an elegant appeal. Abalone shell position markers for quick reference. Semi-gloss finish and top Macassar ebony wood binding for aesthetic appeal.

The tones on this ‘Special Issue’ semi-custom KoAloha ukulele are absolutely wonderful. The Koa wood construction lends itself to wonderful mid-range tones with a quick response and compliment the spruce soundboard, which emphasizes excellent high notes with great clarity.  The string action is also set well for ease of play. These semi-custom models have tremendous projection and sustain and a true joy to play, offering tonal qualities slightly more focused for clientele interested in a wood combination of Hawaiian Koa wood and spruce.  Now is your chance to own one of these wonderful semi-custom ukuleles by one of Hawaii’s most beloved ukulele companies, KoAloha Ukulele.

Price: SOLD


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