Custom Toda Concert Ukulele


Beautiful Toda Concert Ukulele handcrafted in Japan with the utmost care and a feel of simple elegance with remarkable projection, sustain, and tone. A highly recommended recording level instrument that is rarely seen outside of Japan.

This wonderful Toda concert ukulele was handcrafted of Pau Ferro wood back and sides, otherwise known as Santos Rosewood and a nice silky European spruce soundboard. Pau Ferro is found in tropical South America, most commonly in Brazil and Bolivia and is highly regarded in the guitar community for its tonal qualities. The fingerboard and bridge was also cut from Pau Ferro in keeping with the theme of natural elegance in the build. Honduras mahogany wood neck for added stability. Pau Ferro wood matching end graft. The subtle maple wood rosette gives a mild contrast to the European spruce soundboard while showcasing technique, creativity, and skill of the luthier, Mr. Toda. Curly Hawaiian Koa wood pick guard. Professional Gotoh open-geared tuners for reduced weight and quick and precise tuning. Elegant satin style finish.

Tonally, this little concert ukulele is remarkable! It has tremendous projection, sustain, and clarity in both lower and higher positions on the neck. Excellent note separation as well. This ukulele is a gem and a recording artists dream to play. Highly recommended.

Price: SOLD

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