Custom Joji Kanda Tenor Ukulele


(C. 2015) Mint. Beautifully handcrafted and extremely rare full custom ukulele by Joji Kanda  of Okinawa, Japan. Joji’s ukuleles are known for their remarkable craftsmanship, attention to detail and balanced tones with several of Japan’s most famous celebrities and musicians alike enjoying his finely handcrafted works of art.

This beautiful Custom Joji Kanda Tenor Ukulele exemplifies the Japanese art of simple elegance and lends itself to being both aesthetically pleasing and a wonderful playing full custom ukulele. Joji uses nothing but the finest woods in the world, much of which is a substantially higher grade than what is typically found on the landscape of available ukuleles on the market. In this instance, the body was handcrafted with a rare set of master grade Pernambuco wood – a wood frequently used for violin bows and known for its high velocity of sound, which include clarity, definition, and sustain. It is a very rare tone-wood given that the trees are quite small in diameter. Pernambuco bears somewhat of a strange looking shade of burnt orange, almost pumpkin in color but the tone and sustain more than makes up for the odd appearance. A truly remarkable tone wood that is rarely ever seen on the ukulele circuit that offers remarkable tonal qualities. The soundboard was handcrafted of Moon spruce, a wood known to be rich in overtones, focus, and rich in nuance and tone color – a sound often preferred by fingerpickers. Instrument grade Gabon ebony wood fretboard and bridge with a matching ebony wood top headstock plate and torrefied Birdseye maple wood back headstock plate, and heel cap. Matching torrefied Birdseye maple wood rosette with subtle but elegant abalone shell inlay around the soundhole. Top and back Ebony wood binding. Honduras mahogany wood neck for added stability and professional Gotoh geared tuners for precise and smooth tuning. Evo Gold Jescar frets – made in Germany. French Polish. No position markers on the fingerboard or side of the neck. This gorgeous ukulele will test your ability to play without the reference points.

Tonally, this beautiful Custom Joji Kanda Tenor Ukulele is a wonderful playing instrument with excellent clarity and a wide breath of tones. An absolute joy to play with a beautiful design from one of Japan’s most respected and famous ukulele luthiers, Joji Kanda.

Price: SOLD

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